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    With the inclusion of the new Movie SR+ mode, the camera now has the ability to capture high-quality movies in more dynamic, fast-paced outdoor situations with a shake reduction effect akin to a gimbal unit. This is the first time a Fujifilm XP camera has been able to capture 4K video, and the FinePix XP140 does just that. It’s now waterproof to a depth of 25 meters, shockproof to a depth of 1.8 meters, freezeproof to a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius, and dustproof, all for less than $200. Its field of vision is comparable to that of a smartphone, and the 5x lens may assist fill in the frame of a bird sitting on a tree limb. Our other selections have lenses that allow in more light, so achieving a shutter speed quick enough to keep the bird from seeming fuzzy while it fidgets on the branch will be a little more difficult with this one.

    An Introduction to Videography at JESSOPS

    A digital camera and/or camera accessories may be insured against failure and unintentional damage with the help of these insurance policies that are tailored to fit the expectations and requirements of consumers. You agree that this product satisfies your expectations and requirements by signing up for this policy. You may get accidental damage and breakdown coverage for your chosen item via Jessops Care & Protect, which is supplied by Domestic & General Insurance PLC. The TG-6’s integrated geolocation sensor and ability to store GPS locations in its EXIF data will come in handy for travel and landscape photographers. You may determine the sensor’s pixel density by looking at how many million pixels are packed into a square centimeter of the sensor.

    Pixels per square inch

    To put it another way, retail pricing are a good indicator of how well a camera performs compared to its competitors. In comparison to the TG-6, the WG-60 was offered at an incredibly cheap price. Initially, retail pricing are usually similar to the launch price, but reductions become available after a few months. Further discounts and stock clearing sales sometimes drive the camera price down further later in the product cycle, especially when the successor model is due to arrive.. These two cameras’ physical dimensions and weight are shown in the side-by-side comparison shown below.

    Wg Ricoh

    An optical zoom lens that can span 5mm to 25mm (equivalent to 28mm to 140mm in 35mm format) is included in the WG-70 for a broad variety of shooting situations, including wide-open landscapes. For the first time ever, Ricoh has produced a camera that can withstand a wide range of shock, freezing, dust, water and crush. With its new 20MP back-illuminated CMO sensor, 5x zoom lens, 3-inch LCD, 4K video recording, and built-in macro lighting capabilities, the Ricoh WG-6 is an excellent camera for macro photography.

    Olympus Tough TG 6 Ricoh WG 70

    To access the ports, the user must depress a catch and slide out the cover, ensuring that neither accidently gets exposed while traveling underwater, out in the snow, or down to the beach. With the 9-point AF system and the ability to shoot up to 1920×1280 pixels video at 30fps or 1280×720 pixels video at up to 120fps, the WG-60’s capabilities have been carried over to the WG-70. In order to be accurate, the ratings only apply to cameras that are in the same product category and are of the same age. As a result, a score must be interpreted in light of the camera’s release date and price, thus comparing scores for cameras that were released at very different times has no value. Please keep in mind that several of the sites on this list have evolved their evaluation methods and reporting styles over time. The Olympus TG-6 is a newer model in the company’s current product range.

    Time lapse photography is possible without the need for an external camera trigger and accompanying software because of this feature. Fujifilm’s FinePix XP120, XP130, and XP140 cameras don’t have adequate light-gathering lenses to satisfy our requirements. The TG-6 sensor’s diagonal isn’t 0.43 or a fraction of a third of a third “around a third of that, or 7.7 mm, is what you’d expect to see. See sensor sizes if you want to know why. The WG-70 sensor’s diagonal is not 1/2.3 or 0.43 inches “7.7 mm is about two-thirds of what you may anticipate. To Ricoh WG 70 vs Olympus Tough TG 6 understand why, look at sensor sizes. Frequently, it’s difficult to grasp the difference between sensor readings merely by looking at the specifications.

    Although the WG-70’s photos had a lower level of clarity and at times had a slightly off color cast, it is still a capable camera. Aside from the Olympus Rugged TG-6, we believe that Nikon’s Coolpix W300 and Ricoh’s WG-70 are the finest waterproof tough cameras for most individuals, according to our most recent tests. Ricoh WG-70’s sturdiness, along with its appearance, makes it an ideal camera for the outdoors. It’s 14-meter waterproof, can resist a 1.6-meter plunge, and can be used in temperatures as low as -10C.

    Ricoh WG 70 vs Olympus Tough TG 6

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