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    VSI011006: Failed to allocate from the shared VSA disk allocation pool and cannot resume because the number of in-use tokens exceeds the maximum set at configuration time.
    You must change the configuration of this disk to be in the same logical drive as the remaining data disks (external disks, at the controller end), then perform a factory-reset. This solution will not work for Windows VMs, because it does not support data compression in SAN configuration mode.
    Please note that the primary vCenter Server can access any virtual machine VSA disk as the disk’s owner. The primary vCenter Server can also access any disk on any host, to perform data backup, restore, or replication.Q:

    trigger a control’s IsEnabled property from within an OnClick function

    I’d like to be able to unregister a control (a button, in this case) when a popup is open. The control’s IsEnabled property should be set to false by the click on a button on the popup.
    The problem is that the OnClick function cannot see the properties of a control that it is wrapped in. How could I go about this?


    Triggering the command is an internal method on the command object, so you can’t write that – you’ll have to change the command implementation.

    you have a chance of breaking the baseline time.

    “I think it’s more simple to say, ‘Hey, if you work hard you should be able to do the things that you want to do,’” Emma Llanso said. “We’re just trying to make sure people know that if you want to do something it’s okay to ask.”

    In every gym, groups of friendly young people hang out, between activities. When the sport becomes more competitive, the same kinds of people gather, and the same kinds of conversations take place. And though the conversations are different, they still find their way to the three common themes of the gym in New York: It’s not all about the workout. It’s about the freedom. It’s about the community.

    “I think we’re just trying to push the boundaries of just what goes in gyms,” said co-founder and Director of Programs and Operations Jen Rohdick. “Like that’s what we’re doing with every


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