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Monotype Corsiva Bold Font Free Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

    Monotype Corsiva Bold Font Free Download ((EXCLUSIVE))


    Monotype Corsiva Bold Font Free Download

    Monotype Corsiva font refers to an Italic font family. Type Corsiva Font is a humorous script typeface which was designed by well known designer Patricia March Saunders. This is an Italic Font and it was produced in the same style of the past Italian cursives and as exemplify with the work of the writing expert Ludovico Degli Arrighi in the sixteenth century.

    In the center of the main letters are three parallel lines which, in one case are connected by an arch, as in the letter h. These features lend a sense of elegance and the handwriting of the past. These three lines also characterize the script of the ancient cursives.

    The italic form is characterized by the full roundness of letters such as c, f, h, i, l and m, which are more open and less rounded when, as in this case, the lower case letter is analogous to the small capitals N or O. The same characteristics can be seen in the forms tabulated and the capitals, although the letters m and n do not have an exact anatomic model. The case for small and large capitals is more clearly defined.

    A typical example of the italic font when looking in it from the side, the three parallel lines forming the letter may appear as two lines or a horizontal stroke. The difference is in the orientation of the three lines in respect to the moderate leaf of the letter. In the more contemporary styles of handwriting, the three lines are oriented vertically. In the fifteenth century, however, the parallel lines were oriented horizontally, which is a more organized style.

    The italic font is inseparable from its function as a writing model for calligraphy and handwriting. Thus the typeface has been designed with a specific feel, with straight lines rather than curved and a thickness does not affect the calligraphy completeness but only a slight effect on the posture.

    This website does not produce, sell or provide the download of any Monotype fonts for Commercial purposes, it only provide the links that, usuallty, lead to the download of the Monotype fonts but there is no any other connection between this website and the Monotype company in any way.


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