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Microsoft Office MultiLanguage Pack 2007 35 Languages [HOT]



    Microsoft Office MultiLanguage Pack 2007 35 Languages

    The previous version of Office XP could not support a multi-language install because of a limitation in the way the installation created a registry key. However, version Office 2003 of Office XP does support the multi-language installation. For the basic installation of Office 2003, you do not need to specify a language.

    Microsoft initially released a 64-bit version of Office 2003 on Windows XP Professional in January 2002. The 32-bit version was released along with Windows XP in August 2001. The 64-bit version was released in September 2002.[9] The 64-bit version created the 64-bit registry keys and functions that Office 2003 depends on. For the 32-bit version, in order to be installed on a machine that does not support the 64-bit change of the OS registry keys, one needs to manually create the 32-bit registry keys.

    On August 21, 2003, Microsoft’s Office support team announced Microsoft Office Standard 2003, a new version of Office 2003, would be the final version of Office 2003. Windows XP was the last Windows operating system to receive regular service updates, but the last OS to receive regular security updates. In 2006 Windows XP was withdrawn from Internet download. It was also withdrawn for sale in three months when OEMs were required to stop selling it. Microsoft announced the retirement of Windows XP officially on April 8, 2009, and ended technical support for Windows XP on April 8, 2010.

    Once you have installed the Office XP components on the server machine, installation of Office on it is relatively easy to understand. However, it is often a challenge when we want to install Office after the installation of Moodle since the correspondence between Office and Moodle is not complete. When you install Office, whether on a server or on a workstation computer, you also need to meet the following requirements:


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