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Marjorie Barretto Photo Scandal 73l ((EXCLUSIVE))

    Marjorie Barretto Photo Scandal 73l ((EXCLUSIVE))


    Marjorie Barretto Photo Scandal 73l

    Upon hearing the news of Marjorie and her supposed affair, the first thought that came to my mind was her extraoridnary strength. My mother used to say: ‘My son, strength is like love – you can’t love a strong person’. And if the strength of love can be conveyed in words, words can never describe the strength of Marjorie’s love. Marjorie’s strength has nothing to do with the quantity of her ‘strength’; the marvels of a strong person is the quantity, the quality of its strength. And Marjorie Barretto’s strength is beyond interpretation.

    Because Marjorie and her sister Francine are two very different personalities, we can surmise that whatever Marjorie does, Francine might do similar. This can explain Francine’s sorrowful plight. Marjorie doesn’t allow her to weep, she breaks her heart. As the cliché goes – Marjorie has a heart that cannot hold tears, and therefore does not allow herself to. She is such hearty person that she doesn’t even have problems crying for real. Real tears, real crying – she just doesn’t allow herself to do that. Her contention is, and she believes this to be true – that is, what Francine did to her sister, Francine would not allow her to do to her. In this way Marjorie can never ever allow herself to fall and break her heart again.

    Yet, for once Marjorie doesn’t strip herself of her strength. She fights back. She fights back, not for the sake of fighting, but for the sake of being a strong person. She fights for Francine. Before I continue, let me make it clear that this in no way means, that Marjorie has any regard for her sister. There are many, many who claim that. And what I say here is direct and explicit – Marjorie doesn’t have any love for her sister.


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