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How Bubble Wrap Is Made

    Popping bubble wrap is a fascinating idle pass time, isn’t it? Admit it, some of your fondest childhood memories are of you popping away at a sheet of the stuff with absorbed curiosity, right? In these treasured idle moments did you ever wonder how that bubble wrap is made? Or how these excellent little pockets of air are trapped between the plastic just for your popping pleasure? Read on to seek out out precisely how it’s all done.

    First, granules of plastic are intently sprinkled onto a heated conveyor belt. This warms the plastic grains to a pliable consistency, although they nonetheless hold their shape. Think of those bits of plastic like heated chocolate chips; even when they are hot they nonetheless stay the identical shape unless disturbed, at which point they turn into liquid. So the warm plastic grains pass under a roller which squashes them all flat. During this squashing, the individual bits of plastic get melded together and a thin, clear sheet of plastic emerges on the other side of the roller.

    Now, of those sheets are used for making bubble wrap. One has the precise bubbles and the opposite acts as a cover to seal the air in. To form the bubbles, the first sheet is wrapped around a cylindrical bar with little bubble shaped indentations in it. Because the plastic is held taut on the cylinder, suction pulls it into each little hole, shaping the bubbles by stretching plastic into the dents. This is loads like if you poke you finger into a taut sheet of plastic wrap and go away a dent.

    Finally, the second sheet of plastic is laid on high of the primary, trapping the air within the bubbles between them. A blast of sizzling air seals the two sheets together into a single piece and voila! bubble wrap! The factory packages the bubble wrap (no stuffing required there) and ships it off. The many companies and businesses that use this product on a regular basis obtain it and package their own items in it to protect them from damage in transit.

    So the next time a big package arrives at your door and you rip it open to search out it stuffed with bubble wrap, think back to the factory the place that stuffing was made. And while you are indulging your internal child by enjoying with your noisy improvised toy, bear in mind the straightforward process that created this wonderfully amusing material. Happy popping!

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