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Descargar Crack Para Colin Mcrae Dirt 2 Pc !LINK!

    Descargar Crack Para Colin Mcrae Dirt 2 Pc !LINK!

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    Descargar Crack Para Colin Mcrae Dirt 2 Pc

    The gameplay of Colin McRae: DiRT 2 is similar to Colin McRae: Dirt, in which the player controls a kart through a variety of track types and locations (with the overworld being based on real-life locations). The player can progress through each location by completing tours and races, as well as by electing to either buy upgrades or enjoy the locations’ scenery, in which case they can watch the scenery for a short period of time.

    Colin McRae: DiRT 2 features new car classes (Innovations, Historic, Supercars), thirty new real-life locations, eight new off-road rally stages and new faction-based events. Also, Import and Export is a new feature whereby players can import laps from the first game and unlock them in the second game. Additionally, there is a Race Editor which allows the user to drag and drop parts of the game’s locations in order to create new ones.

    All damage meshes are now controlled by a single vertex (“stick” in Unity), so they are far cleaner, and also will handle collisions better — a feature new to the open-source Unity engine. Creation is now fully customizable — all 3D primatives can be scaled without being distorted, various meshes can be prioritized, and several other changes were also made to clean up the creation process, as well as improve the base object’s functionalities.

    A new damage model determines which parts of the car deforms or break as the player sends the vehicle to its limits. This is intended to mimic actual collision damage more accurately — the game now has actual equivalent damage-applying schemes for spinning, impacts, and other various ways of forcing the vehicle to crumble.


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