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Usb Portable Diskette Drive N533 Driver Windows 10

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    Usb Portable Diskette Drive N533 Driver Windows 10

    When browsing for printers or printers “drivers” it will say that it isn’t installed on my computer. I’ve tried this:
    So, I installed my printer (I can also supply a picture of it, the driver is already on my computer) and then opened up device manager again, and now it says the driver is installed, and it works fine.
    I hope this is enough information, but I can provide any more as needed, since I’m not sure what information would be helpful.


    If, your computer does not recognize external floppy drives, but can “use” some other type of diskettes, then please consider that the intended use of the USB external floppy drives may be limited to PCs with DOS or Windows 3.11 with no other use.
    That is the reason they were developed, to make use of an external floppy drive to boot from for PCs with DOS.
    One possible reason why you could not install the USB floppy driver on your Windows 10 system is that it was dropped by Windows.

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