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The Freelancer’s IPhone: Productiveness Options For Unbiased Professionals

    Finally, let’s talk about simple settings on the iPhone. As a MobileMe buyer, I let Mail and iCal mange my (look ahead to it) mail and calendar. I get numerous e mail (keep sending in those suggestions, folks!), so I’ve disabled the Mail arrival notification. My voicemail greeting is courteous and professional.

    Privateness of the people around you is also a difficulty. As you are strolling down the street livestreaming, the people around you will not likely know they or their voices are showing in your stream. Greater than earlier than, we may all need to start out assuming we’re being filmed once we’re out and about.

    Robonaut 2 (R2), like its predecessor, is controlled utilizing telepresence, wherein a person — both an astronaut or an operator at mission control — guides the robot remotely while seeing via its eyes through onboard cameras. The operator can put on gloves to operate R2’s fingers, or control R2’s head motions by wearing a helmet remotely linked to the robot’s head.

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