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    System Requirements for Temtem


    Mac OS


    Temtem Gameplay Walkthrough


    Temtem is an MMO RPG developed and published by Hino Games in collaboration with Nintendo. Originally announced at E3 2015 by Nintendo executives Shigeru Miyamoto and Shigeru Saikawa, the game was later released in Japan in November 2015 and also developed by Hino Games. Despite being marketed as an original Pokémon MMO, Temtem is actually a clone, with Pokémon sprites and music copied directly from the Pokémon series.

    Temtem is an extremely popular title among Pokémon fans, with over 500,000 players having played it since its release, with many of them making major contributions to the game.


    Some of the same concepts from previous Pokémon titles, including online multiplayer, turn-based battles, levelling, trading, and trading cards, are adapted into Temtem.

    Players start the game by creating a Trainer Class, including the gender of the player and their pet, a name, and a design. Some of the Trainer Classes come with a faster leveling rate, allowing players to be able to reach the evolved forms of Pokémon quickly. The player can choose from over 200 different Pokémon and can mix and match to create their own design and evolve their creations.

    The game features a good amount of customization for the player, with the in-game theme, environment, art, and music.

    Temtem has a highly unstable multiplayer component, with online players having to contend with players from all over the world, as well as hackers who have managed to obtain the game’s source code from the Hino Games website and made a patch called “Patches Extreme”, which is in turn made to be even more unstable. To prevent hackers from creating an undetectable buggy code, the player and other players can submit bug reports and other suggestions for corrections to a ticket system, which is built into the game. Players who have not paid for the game may also use the one-time activation key to bypass the anti-piracy measures, but these users are not able to play online.

    As with the game’s predecessor, Pop! Online, players are able to design their own layouts and environments. The game allows players to walk, run, and jump across the game’s maps, with these maps being between 10×10 and 10×20 blocks. The player can also ride their mount, a flying squirrel named Hokko, to traverse the world


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