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Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Update V5 000-CODEX

    Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Update V5 000-CODEX


    Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Update V5 000-CODEX

    It’s ok to remove Sandbox pages from here. This will be the same as for that sandbox but everyone can just edit the page directly to reflect the content and then link it back to here. Just don’t delete the sandbox section but it can be marked ‘protected’. Thanks!

    Same above applies here for the initial or first web page. It links to the sandbox, as it is a different user and different edition, just as one would look here for the CUF. Sandbox would become a readonly “restricted” section for non-mods, not deleted.

    It is the second CODEX edition that has different rules, so presented in order on top. Sandbox is different not because it is independent (it isn’t) but because it is different in the same way as any other web page related to a different edition. So linking to a web page book, it shouldn’t be staged, just described openly as being in a restricted section.

    If there are official rules we can follow with this that would keep it from being the same as the sandbox I’m ok with that, but if not I’m fine with just making them a non-official (wikisource) category and having one in each “official” category of level (which would be the’real’ war, beginning and middle). Considering that works, I don’t think that would be a problem. This would be my proposal on how to treat it.

    Okay, I’ve looked through the rules and fought through an hour or so of getting this up on the 3.5 list page. I have to admit my eyes glaze over when it comes to XBLA games, I just find them too complicated, but I’m not one to give up, so I’m going to go through and do some HTML edit magic.


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