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South Canterbury’s Flour Mills

    The Belford Steam Flour Mill, 2 North Road, West Finish, Timaru, opened in 1878. Formerly the Previous Mill disco in 1979, later The Previous Mill Nite Club. It was the centre of Timaru’s late night live entertainment from the late 80s to early 90s. Then grew to become The Mill Theatre and now in Feb. 2011 the building is on the market. It is a large complicated and the S.C. Drama League put on two shows here in 2011 so the constructing is still in use. Signs on the door:

    A reasonable commonplace of dress is required FOR ADMISSION

    Welcome to S.C. Drama leagues MILL THEATRE

    Weird as it sounds, your engine may profit from a superb wash from time to time. Now certainly you don’t want to watch it each month, however perhaps every year or two. When your engine is clean it can run cooler, plus this gives you the prospect to ensure all of your hoses and Sausage Feeder Belts are in good working order. Simply ensure you learn the correct approach to clean it and protect sure components.

    The 1972 Ford Bronco gained bigger brakes entrance and rear. In mid 1972, a brand new Ranger package was offered. This consisted of particular exterior colours with accent striping, argent grille, carpeting, deluxe wheel covers, deluxe cloth-insert bucket seats, swing-away spare with a tire cover, woodgrain door panels, and fiberboard headliner.

    Engines often don’t seem like notably clear surfaces, which is why some people find the thought of utilizing one as an oven unappetizing. However if your engine is in go­od working order and also you wrap your meal thoroughly in aluminum foil, nobody should ever suspect it was ready beneath the hood.

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