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    Shao Nu Shi Dai Full Movie Download

    After ending their hiatus in May 2022, Girls’ Generation embarked on an eight-month concert tour, titled Girls’ Generation World Tour (Girls’ Generation Concert in Seoul). To support the tour, the group released a single, “Mr.Mr,” in August. Millions of fans returned to watch this comeback, and the single was at number nineteen on the Gaon Digital Chart upon its release.[160] Girls’ Generation held a final concert, Girls’ Generation Parting 1: See You in Seoul, in September. It was held at Olympic Park in Seoul.

    In October, a full-length film titled Shao Nu Shi Dai was released. It was produced by SM Entertainment and directed by Kim Seong-hoon. The 260-minute full-length film was made for a domestic release in Korea, and the distribution rights were sold to SM Entertainment, Cathay Pacific and 67TV. It followed Girls’ Generation as they journeyed to Paris to meet with their fans. With a box office gross of over ₩11.3 billion ($10.5 million),[161][162] the film earned the record for the highest-grossing Korean full-length film in over a decade.[163]

    It surpassed the ₩11.2 billion ($10.4 million) of 2014 blockbuster film Miss Grl.[164][165] It also pulled in the highest box office revenue of any Korean film in 2020. The film received a total of twelve awards at Korean Cinema Arts Awards 2020, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Art Direction and Best Sound.

    Notably, every single member of Girls’ Generation received the award for Best Actress for their roles in the film. It became the first time a Korean film had won the Best Director, Best Screenwriter and Best Actress awards for a girl group. Only four girl groups have previously won the Best Actress award, and all four were from SM Entertainment: SNSD, Girl’s Generation, T-ara and f(x). The rest of the Best Actress nominees were actresses who had previously starred in a K-pop film, and average in popularity.


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