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Putting in a Prehung Door

    Installing an interior door will be an easy and easy way to shut off any room or space. But it doesn’t should be a project that you’ll want to hire a contractor to perform. You possibly can simply set up an interior door yourself by putting in a prehung door. Also known as a split jamb door, this basic door looks like every other interior door, but is straightforward to install and affordable to buy. Use this guide to putting in a prehung door and you may be sure you get the most out of your house accessories and décor.

    Prep Work

    Installing a prehung door is a reasonably easy and straightforward process. To start, the opening have to be stripped down to its rough frame surface. That means removing any materials from the jamb until you get back to a naked 2x4stud. Pull any nails and remove any obstructions from the tough frame surface. All trim and base needs to be removed to accommodate the new door. Remove any wall hangings so they don’t get knocked off the wall.

    As soon as the door frame is clean and clear, you can then prep the new door. The new one comes full and sandwiched together. By removing the two to 4 staples on each side of the split jab and unscrewing or pulling any nails or screws from the upper jamb, it will split apart. The handle striker plate must be connected to the jamb with a screw or plastic knob. Remove this part of the it and set aside. Now the jamb should split from it easily.

    Setting the Door

    Insert the door and hinge side of the jamb into the proper side of the rough opening. A few wooden shims may also help to keep the door off of the ground. Insert the door and jamb into the hole. Shut the door and insert a number of shims within the hinge side of the door to assist hold it in place.

    Starting from the bottom of the door, insert an 8d end nail into the frame, attaching the door to the frame. Work your way up the one side of the door, attaching nails every foot or two while adjusting the reveal on the door to ¼ inch apart. Be careful of any mirrors when hammering on the walls.

    As soon as the door is in place, the frame can then be hooked up to the rough opening. Guarantee your reveal around the door opening is identical by adjusting it as wanted with the door closed. Once the frame is nailed to the opening, check to see that is closes properly.

    Attaching the Trim

    As soon as the door has been shimmed and nailed to the frame, the trim might be placed on the opposite side of the door opening. The trim merely slides into the groves from which it came. Snug the trim tightly to the wall and frame, attaching it into the wall and stud using a few 8d end nails. Shim as needed to adjust the trim to fit correctly. Replace any wall décor.

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