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Like A Beach Pounded By Heavy Surf, The U.S

    Positioned on sale in April 1962, the Jetfire two-door hardtop — based mostly on the F-eighty five Cutlass — held a turbo-boosted version of the 215-cid V-eight good for 215 bhp at 4600 rpm and 300 pound-ft of torque at 3200 revs. That determine of one horsepower per cubic inch, first achieved in 1956 by the Chrysler 300-B, was a practically magical number to lovers on the time.

    Mark the centerline of the table body on two opposite sides of the body’s prime edge by measuring in 22 inches from every finish of a aspect piece. Reduce a forty six 1/four inch piece of 1 × four redwood for the center board of the tabletop. Find the centerpoint of this piece, and bore a 1 5/8-inch hole fully by means of it, centered on the middle point. At every end of the piece, drill two 11/64-inch holes, 1 1/four inches again from the top and 1 inch in from the sides. Position the piece at the middle of the tabletop body, centering it on the centerline marks, and 3mr timing belts adjust it in order that it overhangs the body by 1 1/eight inches on each end. Secure the board to the body with two 1 1/4-inch #eight flathead brass wood screws at every end, driven by way of the drilled holes and into the body edges.

    Into the breach stormed a entrance-engine compact with typical good looks, low costs, and a pleasant array of sedan, hardtop, and convertible body kinds. It was known as the Chevrolet Chevy II. That identify doubled as the label for the brand new automotive’s entry-degree fashions, while sportier versions proudly wore the Nova badge.

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