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    Inventor 2008 X86 X64 Torrent Download ~REPACK~

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    Inventor 2008 X86 X64 Torrent Download

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    How to convert parent folder name to sub folder name in unix

    I have parent folder and its sub-folders.I need to rename all the sub folder names to the parent folder name.How do i do it in unix?


    You can use find, which searches the files or directories for a specified file pattern in a given directory hierarchy:
    find /old/dir/ -iname “*.mp3” -exec mv {} /new/dir/ \;

    For larger directories, this will take a while.


    you could use find and sub directory searching
    find /old/dir/ -name “*.txt” -exec mv {} /new/dir/ \;

    Ioannis Lekakis

    Ioannis Lekakis (; born December 24, 1988 in Thessaloniki) is a Greek swimmer, who specialized in freestyle and butterfly events. Lekakis represented Greece at the 2008 Summer Olympics, and has a top-eight-finish time of 57.84 seconds in the 50 m butterfly at the European Open in Athens.

    Lekakis competed in two swimming events at his maiden Mediterranean Games in 2009. He entered the


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