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Are You A Grammar Geek?

    Though it’s typically written as “for goodness sake,” the correct means is “for goodness’ sake” due to a rule that claims if a phrase ending in an “s” sound is followed by a word starting with an “s,” you add an apostrophe to the primary phrase. (It is also appropriate to say “for conscience’ sake”).

    Because these two sections are scored because the take a look at is being taken, scores are immediately available at the top of the check. Instantaneous gratification sounds good, till you read the fantastic print, which says that you will need to decide to just accept or reject the outcomes earlier than you see them. Should you resolve to simply accept the outcomes, then you may see them instantly. However, suppose you’ve gotten a nasty feeling about your performance on the exam. For those who choose to cancel your outcomes, you will never see your score. However, the actual fact that you simply canceled your scores shall be a part of your report [source: Princeton Assessment].

    A 50-foot deep freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness has captured the public’s attention over the past century because of images that some claim present a sea monster swimming by the water. While these photos have been deemed hoaxes by most consultants, Loch Ness is still a magical place. Visitors can take in the area’s pure magnificence, tour a close by castle and lighthouse and take in museum exhibits related to the Loch Ness Monster rumors that date again to the 6th century.

    Years in the past, the word “retirement” may need evoked photos of white-haired couples sitting in rocking chairs on their entrance porches. However with each men and women residing longer and 鈴鹿 高校英語 having fun with higher well being into their later years, retirement has turn into a particularly energetic section of life by which many seniors lastly have time to commit to causes and pursuits that have previously taken a backseat to careers or family obligations [sources: Toscano, Prisuta].

    If you’re the top of an intelligence company within the United States and you could ship a secret message all the way to an embedded spy in an space of battle like Iraq, shortwave messages may be the perfect method. Power up an extra-powerful transmitter, broadcast your coded message at a predetermined time and frequency, and your agent abroad will instantly know whether or not to keep pretending to be a businessman or to assassinate a political foe.

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